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Interested in buying ice cubes? Icelander provides crystal-clear ice in a variety of forms for all your events: from ice cubes and ice balls to dry ice, flaked ice and crushed ice. Regardless of the setting, Icelander is happy to help you with any type of location or event – be it private or professional – from an intimate garden party over friendly cocktails to an elegant one-star restaurant to Belgium’s biggest festivals. Icelander will work with you on your order, tailoring it to suit your needs. Ready to order ice? Order ice cubes online, by phone or e-mail: we’ll take care of the ice cube delivery to your home, event, business or catering firm. As industry leaders, we deliver to numerous event locations throughout Belgium and abroad. And we do it seven days a week. Our strengths: flexibility, quality and customer focus.

Interested in buying ice cubes? Discover our range of ice cubes here.


Icelander supplies ice to both individuals and businesses, to retailers and wholesalers, hospitality and catering, and numerous other industries. Orders of 10 kg or more are delivered free in the Ghent region. Transport costs outside Ghent vary depending on the volume and frequency. You can always collect your order by appointment or at one of our distribution points.

About us

Icelander is the result of a happy marriage between two experienced players in the industry, Frostice and Iceman. The two companies merged in 2016 to become Icelander. For years, both companies served the Belgian catering sector, each with its own specialty and expertise. Both partners have now joined forces with a view to better service and exquisite quality. In this case, one plus one really does make three! Crucially, Iceman and Frostice share the same core values: quality, service and customer care.