Both professionals and private individuals can buy dry ice from Icelander. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, compressed into fine ice sticks or pellets. The sticks of dry ice have a temperature of -78°C and are suitable for various applications such as industrial cleaning, industrial cooling, cooling of food products, lab research and transportation of medicines. Dry ice is also often used to create theatrical fog effects at events and parties. Want to order a dry ice delivery at home or at your event? CO2 ice must be ordered at least one working day in advance. It is delivered in a polystyrene box in quantities of 5 kg or more. You can keep dry ice in an insulated box made of polystyrene or tempex for at least 48 hours.

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  • fine, full ice sticks
  • made from CO2
  • standardized quality analysis and laboratory control
  • frozen to -78°C
  • packaging: polystyrene box
  • wide range of applications: smoke effects at parties
  • preservation of food products
  • industrial applications
  • medicine transport
  • order one working day in advance
  • from 5 kg
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Interested in buying ice cubes? Orders of 25 euros or more are delivered free of charge in the Ghent area. Transport costs outside Ghent vary on the basis of quantity and frequency. You’re also welcome to collect your order by appointment or from one of our distribution points.