Flake ice, ice chips or ice shavings are made from 100 per cent pure water. The pure white flakes are suitable for cooling bottles, cans and other food products quickly or to keep food products cool during transport. Flake ice is produced at a temperature just below zero degrees Celsius and then compressed to remove excess water. Flake ice is available in standard 10 kg bags or in bulk on demand.

  • pure white flakes
  • made from ultrapure water
  • standardized quality analysis and laboratory control
  • frozen to -18°C
  • suitable for quick cooling of beverage bottles, cans and other food products
  • standard availability
  • 10 kg / in bulk on demand
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Interested in buying ice cubes? Orders of 25 euros or more are delivered free of charge in the Ghent area. Transport costs outside Ghent vary on the basis of quantity and frequency. You’re also welcome to collect your order by appointment or from one of our distribution points.