How do you store dry ice? Not enough freezers available at your party or event? If you wish, you can also order insulated boxes from Icelander. These handy polystyrene or tempex boxes, made of expanded polystyrene, are a simple alternative that will keep any order of ice cold for at least 48 hours. Our range includes ISO T21, ISO T31, ISO T51 and ISO T91 polystyrene boxes.

  • order insulated boxes (also called tempex or polystyrene boxes)
  • ISO T21, ISO T31, ISO T51 and ISO T91
  • keeps your order cold for at least 48 hours
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Interested in buying ice cubes? Orders of 25 euros or more are delivered free of charge in the Ghent area. Transport costs outside Ghent vary on the basis of quantity and frequency. You’re also welcome to collect your order by appointment or from one of our distribution points.